zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Past Joys

Cheeky, curious, honest, nostalgic and trustworthy are qualities which suit Past Joys. She loves to take pictures of people, especially the ones with a lot of character and laughters. And she makes them in the old skool way with her antique camera put in a leather support. Her dress was made from beautiful silk and the antique lace jabot is decorated with pearly spots. The bow is made of organza and leather shoes are hand made. Isn't she l-o-v-e-l-y!

donderdag 2 mei 2013

Animal Love series

Just l-o-v-e to transform a vintage leather bag into a piece of peace. This time I choose the attraction of doggy to the cats. It is difficult for doggy-girl not to chase after the self-willed, arrogant cats, but, since they are wearing their signs of peace, she doesn't have the heart to hurt their feelings. With special paint techniques this image on the bag will stay as it is. Show off were you go, or use it as a eye-catcher at home. Whatever you use it for, the message is clear: live in peace!

zondag 31 maart 2013

Doortje, the nanny, applying for a new job.

She came from far, by train, with everything she owns in her little leather suitcase. She travels from one family to another and if the kids are getting older the family must let her go: Doortje.
Doortje, or Miss Dora if you meet her for the first time, did put on her Sunday clothing, the best dress she has. Jacket is made of vintage velours-de-panne with a touch of lace. She crocheted the brooch herself and she had to wipe away some dust from her old hat, before putting it onto the right position on her head. The silk scarf gives the out-fit the dashing touch it needed. Doortje travelled further this time and lives now happily in Australia.

zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

chique-de-la chique

recycle some left overs, decorate with beads and threads, put it in a warm cosy bath with paint and this little bag for lingerie is the result

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Teddy bowl

Every time I caught sight of these old greeting cards,  there was this dualism whether to throw them away or to keep them for...yeah... for what reason? Finally I came up with the idea to pick up an old skill learned at school. Glueing 7x2 cards together, cutting them, punching holes and using silky ribbon and the blanket stitch to create this super bowl. Handy to keep other old greeting cards tidy together or as a safe place for knick-knacks.


Nothing more interesting and exciting than experimenting with mohair. Mixing colors, making shades, adding details until the creation looks irresistible attractive. She is the typical summer inspiration, gathering tiny flowers from the garden. Even her bag is made from leaves and silk flower decoration.
Little Shade is 28cm tall and born out of 100% mohair, glass eyes.

maandag 11 juni 2012


For a VIP, living in Hong Kong, I created this mix of Chanel and Hermes. As a hobby she paints, holding her right hand in her Chanel-skirt. The Hermes Birkin bag gave most work and did a great call on my creativity, as petit locks and gold strips had to made by hand with the help of precious gold leave. 
Wrapping her carefully for the overseas trip, ciao Coco Birkin..