zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Mad Hatter

Last year I designed bear Alice especially for Teddy Bears of Witney, and for the new catalogue 2010/2011 I have made this character, the Mad Hatter. I started to make the hat, measured the head of the bear and made a sample of thick paper untill I was completely satisfied which the height and the width. Then I made the hat again of black felt and stiffened it and gave it some decorations. Designing the trousers was next. I wanted it to be wide at the seam, fabric is silk. Jacket is made from very nice crunched velvet which I bought in Paris a while ago. And the finishing touch is the tape measure, which I made from cotton. It was fun working with this guy, hope you like him too.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi,Anna

    Mad Hatter is very cute!
    I like him.
    And great the tape measure.

    We are in the change now, and the letter to you from me is late.
    We are surely alive at the time of a good change now.
    In it, you are not an exception.
    We are always connected.
    Please enjoy changing.

    Happy days!


  2. wow! your bears are soooo fantastic! i love the way you made them! best wishes and big bear hugs!

  3. I love him, Anna! Your bears have sweet faces and always some flair. I hope you will write again soon on your blog. :o)

  4. Yesterday hatter no. 6 arrived in our garden ... looking for any alice. He takes a longer journey from whitney over baton rouge, USA to hanover. We admired for years your cleaning helpers in their modern look. But now the classic wonderland fanship has catched us. So we will see how mad like a hatter our days will become.
    Your hatter is not only much more cuter than any Depp. His outfit is very delicate and well combined. Thank You for this wonderful companion.

    Best wishes from the bears in house and garden.